What we are going to show in this new section is a gallery of "original production cels"; a cel is an actual part of the cartoon and so one of kind piece (at least speaking for Filmation shows).
We got this three cel in San Diego last Summer at the Comic Convention.
We know you probably have already seen them or many others like them, but we tried to do our best scanning them and reproducing the colors as closer as possible to the original.
You can see a great cel of He-Man from the episode "A Beastly Sideshow" and a Color Model Cel for some Horde Characters. The third is not an actual cel but we think you'll find it interesting...
Original Production Cel
Filmation Studios
(64435 byte)
Original Color Model Cel
Filmation Studios
(57757 byte)
Original Production Drawing
Filmation Studios
(46709 byte)

We would like to host cels from other collections, so just contact us if you want add your cel to our gallery.
The only condition is that we want show only high quality pictures, so we need very good scan of the original cels.