Masters of the Universe Original Production Drawing, Filmation Studios (46709 byte)

Original Production Drawing, Filmation Studios

  This is an original production drawing from the episode "Beauty and the Beast"
Despite the appareance, this is the most interesting piece.
As you probably know, even if the colors on the definitive cels are handpainted, is not the same for the line art.
Usually the animators draw the lines with pencils on paper and then xerox the picture on a side of the actual cel. Finally the cel is given  to the colorist who complete
In this pencil drawing are missing Skeletor's jaw and Evil-Lyn's eyes wich would be animated apart.
Also, if you look very closely, you can see that the original art for Skeletor has been removed and substituted by a new one.
What you can still see here, are the lines of the new piece of paper which was attached with tape on the sheet's back.
All the notes are written in blue because the xerox machine can't read them and so they wouldn't be reproduced on the final cel.