Introduction by Emiliano Santalucia

It isn't easy to imagine how to re-present He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to the public, especially a public like today's. From the many possibilities, the one most suited to my capacities was without a doubt that of comic book. Indeed, Homecoming was first thought about, during my time at the Milan School Of Cartoon Art in 1998.
The most problematic aspect in trying to continue a subject which was left unfinished more than 7 years ago, was that of  deciding how the story could evolve. This meant that I had also to read everything that had already been written. In my opinion it is not possible to continue the story exactly from where it finished in the animated cartoons or at the end of the New Adventures of He-Man. 
It's maybe a bit sad, but it is necessary to start all over again, making small modifications and eliminating the confusion that the various versions (comics, cartoons, film etc.) have caused.   Homecoming is an attempt, a demo that shows how it is possible to change the heart and the soul of these characters to suit today's tastes, and to provide a maturer narration without changing the basic concepts.
Homecoming is a raw product, not definitive, raising many questions and doubts that open a new interpretation of many aspects of the saga.

Don't ask me what the secret plans of the Cosmic Guardians are, or what has happened to the Sorceress, or how the war on Etheria finished. Some of these questions have no answers because the situations that generated them were dictated by precise demands of the story (and basically, I only had 36 pages in which to tell my story!). Others, meanwhile, have a real reason to be there but I hope to be able to give the answers to these in the future story...
However, some explanations are necessary and you can find them in the final comments. But, I advise you to read them after having finished reading the story.

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