Final Comments


Ok, the continuity to which I make reference in Homecoming is a bit strange. It is in reality a mix of the Cartoon, the MiniComics and the New Adventures.
It is a new type of continuity which merges and harmonizes the different Incarnations of the Masters without attempting, however, to justify the links with rash hypotheses.
Imagine, therefore, that He-Man, whose real identity is Adam, is now known by everyone (or maybe it was never concealed) to have made a journey to the future to unite the Galactic Guardians and the defeated Skeletor . He has returned to his time to his old companions...

  What happened in the future?
In the story there are several references to what happened in the future, something happened between He-Man and Skeletor. Obviously I won't say what happened but what I can say is that, going against the premises of the series, I would like to render the "relatively unpopular New Adventures more interesting and important for He-Man's life."
Do you remember what the premises for the series were? Heroic humans against evil mutants.
Didn't the person who came up with the series learn anything from the X-Men? Certainly in the cartoon this basic naivety wasn’t so strong, but is He-Man himself  fighting on the wrong side?

  What are the Harmonic Coordinates and why do the Horde need them to get to Eternia?
Imagine, as suggested in the film, that by using the correct instruments it is possible to open the dimensional passages in time and space. But it is necessary to know the precise harmonic coordinates.
It is true that the Horde knew Eternia from the time of the first invasion (see SOTS) but that someone had wiped out their data bank...
But who? Obviously I know, but I hope to reveal that in another story.

  What are the secret plans of the Cosmic Guardians?
Let's say that this concerns the "political" aspects of the saga which the title, the "MASTERS of the Universe"

  What happened to the Sorceress?
Where is Battle Cat?
What happened on Etheria?

Do you know? I haven't got the least idea!

  You'll be aware that some similarities exist between and Eternia Weird World, for example the return of the two enemies from the future or the fact that King Hiss is now the Sovereign of Eternia.
All this is effectively true, but could be treated as two distinct and parallel realities that at a certain point converge with others to generate what could be a new and definitive continuity of the saga of the Masters of the Universe!
But that is another story.


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