A dramatic encounter between He-Man and Teela
Here you can see a trailer of the upcoming comics. A little selection from the preliminary pencil pages.

Homecoming Logo.gif (4757 byte)
by Emiliano Santalucia
Sneak Preview

Homecoming means to feel good...
It is the time to reconcile familiar world and things with the soul that has been often wounded by daily lifetime. Homecoming is, instead for He-Man, a new starting point, a new beginning with the old friends...
In this story (a comic that will be shown in our website), has come home the author too, Emiliano Santalucia, my friend and partner in MOTU Unbound development, who has joined, through his memories and ideas, the experience at the comic school in Milan with the dreams of all his life. Dreams, as those that I do, that tells "Masters of the Universe is still alive!"
Because, I'm sure, nothing really die if it continues to live in the mind and the heart of the people that remembers and loves it with passion. And now, ladies and gentlemen let the game begin...the most powerful game in the universe!

Good Journey,
Alessio Di Marco

 A pencil of He-Man from a page of the comic
After five years He-Man is back from the future, but something has changed...When the menace of Skeletor had disappeared King Hiss toke the power and started to rule on Eternia with his bride...Will the Heroic Warrios  make their tired, old leader fight again?

 New design for Hordak and his gang!          

A lot of preliminary work has been done before complete the final pages. Characters design, buildings and ambients, costumes and storyboards. Here you can see some of them:

VMG7.gif (177 byte) He-man
VMG7.gif (177 byte) Skeletor
VMG7.gif (177 byte) Various  characters
VMG7.gif (177 byte) Design


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